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Why HappySneeze exists

Happy Sneeze was born from a profound need for accessible and efficient pelvic floor physical therapy. Recognizing the widespread but often overlooked issues surrounding pelvic health, we aimed to bridge the gap in healthcare. Millions of individuals suffer in silence, facing challenges from incontinence to sexual dysfunction, as the stigma surrounding pelvic health persists.

We envisioned a company dedicated to breaking down these barriers. Happy Sneeze's mission is to empower individuals of all genders to take control of their pelvic health with accessible digital resources, expert guidance, and innovative technologies. By democratizing pelvic floor therapy, we hope to enhance the quality of life for countless individuals and contribute to a world where pelvic health is prioritized and discussed openly, free from shame or embarrassment.

Meet The Team

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Come work with us

Send us an email and tell us about your and your interest in HappySneeze and Women's Health.

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