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You may be wondering what the HappySneeze Test Program looks like, so before you complete the screener questionnaire below, this is what you need to know: 

  • The Program is provided at no cost to you.

  • Currently, 94% of the testers that complete it reduce or eliminate their urine leaks. While each case is different, consistent participation has a high probability of reducing your symptoms. 

  • You can start as early as 6-weeks postpartum. 

  • If you are pregnant, you can provide your due date on the screener questionnaire, and we will send you an invitation to join about six weeks after that date.

  • The program is delivered through a mobile app you can access in your own time. There are no live sessions to be scheduled.

  • It consists of 40 daily units that contain education, exercises, and good habits to recover and protect your pelvic floor and reduce pee leaks.

  • Each unit takes 10 minutes or less to watch or read.

  • No workouts or special equipment are needed.

  • We ask you to practice what you learn in each unit during daily tasks you are already doing, such as sitting, walking, or lifting kids. Practicing consistently is key to getting positive results.  

  • A Registered Nurse will be your Guide throughout the Program. The Guide can resolve questions and provide guidance and tips (and a few jokes, too!) to help you stay on track. She does not diagnose or treat. 

  • This is a Test program, and your feedback makes HappySneeze better for all the mothers that will take it after you. Thank you for tracking your results and providing feedback on the app.

  • Finally, you must sign a Consent Form and Non-Disclosure Agreement to participate. These are written in friendly language and provided digitally in the questionnaire you are about to complete. 

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