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Radically increasing access 
to affordable Pelvic Health

30% of women become incontinent after childbirth. Let that sink in. Embarrassment, overscheduled Providers, and a national shortage of pelvic health Specialists mean that most women never receive care for urinary incontinence.  It's time we change that. 

Laura Vidal Borrell, the co-founder of HappySneeze, started having pee leaks right after she gave birth to her first son. Too embarrassed to talk about it, she waited three years to tell her doctor, who referred her to Pelvic Physical Therapy. That involved driving 20 miles in traffic while working full-time and having a nursing baby and a toddler at home. So, she stopped attending after the second session. Eventually, incontinence forced her to work from home, stop carrying her kids, and always wear black pants. It sucked. Working for a global tech company, she realized we have the technology and resources to treat women early and at scale.

Laura and her husband and co-founder, Roger, decided to put their tech and media experience to good use, quit their jobs, and founded HappySneeze to radically increase the early detection and treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders. 

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