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Pelvic Health for Humans with Big Lives

Reduce pee leaks
in 10 minutes a day

HappySneeze is a digital program designed by Physical Therapists together with hundreds of women with jobs, young children, and big lives. With simple exercises that work with everyday tasks to stop pee leaks where they happen.


Users that complete 6 weeks of the program experience clinically significant incontinence reduction  rates. (see Sources)

Designed for real life

Designed by PTs and mothers, it uses real-life activities to reconnect your pelvic floor.
No yoga mat needed.

Affordable to All

Pay according to your healthcare coverage. Because health is a human right, not a privilege.

Why HappySneeze?
The Pelvic Physical
Therapist responds

Simple, Friendly, and Effective

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Complete the
Pelvic Health

Activate your muscles 
and learn good habits
with the HappySneeze app

Get daily support and good vibes from a trained Guide

Want to learn more about how the Program works?

By the end of the Program you will

  • Lift and carry children and heavier weights, minimizing or altogether avoiding leaks. 

  • Stop "pretzeling" and have strategies to get ready for sneezes and coughing. 

  • Know how to pee and poop (no TMI here!) to lighten the load on your vaginal muscles.
  • Walk, dance, and even run confidently without squeezing your vaginal muscles continuously.

  • Know your body and how to keep your vaginal muscles supple and responsive. 

8 out of 10 users would recommend us  to their friends (and they do!)

I leak way less than I did.I learned about my bad habits and worked to fix them.

Katherine F.
Mother of 2

I learned that my entire body works together and there isn't really "a bladder issue". It's an entire body issue

Caitlin T.

Mother of 2

I can sneeze now without leaking or feeling like I’m about to. So I don’t cross my legs anymore.

Ashley P.

Mother of 1

Pelvic Health for All

As a mission-driven team, we believe everyone deserves access to pelvic health. We price the Program based on your access to health insurance. Regardless of the price you pay, you will always get our full Program and high quality support by our Guides. 



If you have

Commercial Health Insurance
e.g. through your employer or privately


If you are insured by
Medicaid, Medicare
or you don't have insurance

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