How is HappySneeze different?

The pelvic floor is engaged with the rest of your body and your brain in (almost) everything you do. The foundation of HappySneeze is the concept of Happy Tasks.

These are daily tasks you are already doing, like sitting at your computer, lifting kids, or making dinner. And they have the power to connect and exercise your pelvic floor muscles through everyday living.


Happy Tasks vs. Kegels

Happy Tasks are different from Kegel series or pelvic floor workouts in that they eventually become an automatic habit. With that, they maximize your chances to keep a functioning pelvic floor for the long run.


Like a “0-minute workout.”

Doable, right?


Habit Formation Theory

The concept of a Happy Task is underpinned by Habit Formation Theory. This is a branch of psychology that studies how to create long-term behavioral changes. One of its tenets is that “environment triggers behavior.” At HappySneeze, you will stack posture, breathing, and movement guidelines on specific daily moments, like having coffee or putting on your shoes. These daily tasks will cue you to connect and engage your pelvic floor and by repetition, this will become an automatic habit.


Ready to exercise your pelvic floor?

Six weeks of daily pelvic floor training.

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