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Do you pee when you sneeze?

Reduce urine leaks with a program created for people with kids, jobs, and big lives

How it works

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Complete the online
Pelvic Health

Discuss your plan of care on a video visit
with a Provider

Reduce leaks
and learn good habits
with the HappySneeze app

Get daily support and good vibes from a Nurse

Modern rehabilitation
for the busiest of us.

30% of women become incontinent after childbirth. Let that sink in. Embarrassment, busy providers, and a national shortage of pelvic health specialists mean that most women never receive care for urinary incontinence.  It's time we change that. 

It works

Users that complete 6 weeks of the program experience clinically significant incontinence reduction  rates. (see Sources)

Integrated in real life

Designed by PTs and mothers, it uses real-life activities to reconnect your pelvic floor.
No yoga mat needed.

Covered by Insurance

Incontinence is a health disorder, and you have insurance for that. Let's use it.
(see FAQ)

What users are saying

My mother suffered with incontinence all her life. Now my daughters will have this.

Katherine F.
Mother of 5

I learned that my entire body works together and there isn't really "a bladder issue". It's an entire body issue

Caitlin T.

Mother of 2

I can sneeze now without leaking or feeling like I’m about to. So I don’t cross my legs anymore.

Ashley P.

Mother of 1

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