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Pelvic Health for Humans with Big Lives

Modern rehabilitation
for the busiest of us.

30% of women become incontinent after childbirth. Let that sink in. Embarrassment, busy providers, and a national shortage of pelvic health specialists mean that most women never receive care for urinary incontinence.  It's time we change that. 

It works

Users that complete 6 weeks of the program experience clinically significant incontinence reduction  rates. (see Sources)

Integrated in real life

Designed by PTs and mothers, it uses real-life activities to reconnect your pelvic floor.
No yoga mat needed.

Covered by Insurance

Incontinence is a health disorder, and you have insurance for that. Let's use it.
(see FAQ)

Reduce leaks in 10 minutes a day

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Complete the online
Pelvic Health

Discuss your plan of care on a video visit
with a Provider

Activate your muscles 
and learn good habits
with the HappySneeze app

Get daily support and good vibes from a Nurse

By the end of the program you will

  • Lift and carry children and heavier weights, minimizing or altogether avoiding leaks. 

  • Stop pretzeling and have strategies to get ready for sneezes and coughing. 

  • Know how to pee and poop (No TMI here!) to lighten the load on your vaginal muscles.
  • Walk, dance, and even run confidently without squeezing your vaginal muscles continuously.

  • Know your body and how to keep your vaginal muscles supple and responsive. 

8 out of 10 users would recommend us  to their friends (and they do!)

I leak way less than I did.I learned about my bad habits and worked to fix them.

Katherine F.
Mother of 2

I learned that my entire body works together and there isn't really "a bladder issue". It's an entire body issue

Caitlin T.

Mother of 2

I can sneeze now without leaking or feeling like I’m about to. So I don’t cross my legs anymore.

Ashley P.

Mother of 1

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