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Pelvic Floor Care
for Humans with Big Lives

A high-adherence, high-access program that can reduce referrals to Physical Therapy and Urogynecology

We can do better than
"do your Kegels"

1 in 2 women have a Pelvic Floor Disorder. 1 in 5 will have Incontinence surgery in their lifetime.
HappySneeze is a patient-centered intervention that empowers individuals in self-care, providing better health outcomes while lowering the burden on healthcare resources.

Effective in reducing urine leakage

After 40 daily program units, Patients experience clinically significant SUI reduction 

Individual support for high adherence

Regular support from trained Coaches results in 3.5x higher adherence than in-person Physical Therapy (see Sources)

Inclusive and Affordable to All

Designed for humans of all shapes, colors, and gender identities. 

Affordable to reach underserved Patients.

Why HappySneeze?
The Certified Nurse Midwife responds

What Providers are saying

Women’s Health providers in rural settings can now have an answer for patients with pelvic and incontinence care needs.

Angela Reidner CNM

A feasible treatment option before costly and hard-to-adhere-to in-person rehabilitation.

Rameet Singh MD

I like this program. It includes breathwork and releasing as much as squeezing. I am recommending it to my clients.

Joyce Kimball CNM

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